Edgeware Trading & Holding Competition (Up to 50% in Bonuses)



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Important Update: With the recent MXC listing, we have decided to close the HODL competition early. All HODLers who have acquired EDG will receive their reward early at the highest 3 Snapsot tier. All rewards will be distributed automatically to your xFutures account.

xEDG Holding Competition

We are giving bonus xEDGs to anyone who buys and hodls for up to 5 days. Please see the following table to see the bonus you will earn based on the xEDGs you hodl and for how many snapshots you have to hodl:

Reward levels:

xEDG Balance 1 Snapshot 2 Snapshots 3 Snapshots
100,000 10% 15% 20%
250,000 20% 22.5% 25%
500,000 25% 27.5% 30%
1,000,000 30% 32.5% 35%

The rules are as follows:


  • The contest starts Thursday, February 20th at 11 am EST so start buying your EDG to be able to participate
  • The contest ends Tuesday, February 25th at 11 am EST but has been ended early on Friday, February 21st
  • Snapshots are taken randomly from the start of the contest until the end of the contest but there will be no more than 1 snapshot per day.
  • If you increase your balance over the snapshots then you will receive a blended reward; you cannot decrease your balance otherwise only the last snapshot will count.
  • If you do not have a balance as of the last snapshot you are ineligible for any rewards.
  • Rewards will be distributed automatically to your xFutures account as xEDGs within 1 week of the final snapshot.

Example #1

If all 3 snapshots show that you hold 300,000 xEDGs in your account, you will receive a bonus of 25% which equals 75,000 xEDGs.

Example #2

If the first two snapshots show that you have 100,000 xEDGs but then the last snapshot you have zero, you will not receive any reward.

Example #3

If the first two snapshots show that you have 600,000 xEDGs and then the last snapshot shows you have 100,000 xEDGs, you will receive 20% on 100,000 which equals 20,000 xEDGs.

Top HODLers Competition

The top holder of xEDGs at the end of the competition will receive a 50% bonus. The top holder must hold at least 2,500,00 xEDG during the last snapshot. This is solely based on how much is held at the end of the competition.

You cannot receive two rewards so if you are one of the top holders you do not get both the regular holding bonus and the top holder bonus.

"Happy trading!" - xFutures Team
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