Getting Polkadot/Edgeware Wallet for use on the Swap Tool


This tutorial will show you step by step how to create your own Polkadot/Edgeware wallet so you can receive EDG from the Swap Tool.

Step #1


Since Edgeware was conceived as a Parachain to Polkadot, we will be using the Polkadot/Substrate wallet in this tutorial. So, head to and select "Polkadot/Substrate Apps".

Step #2


Once inside , let's select the option "Create an account now."

Step #3

At this point, you will execute 2 actions:

1st - as demonstrated in the image below, click the page logo located on the top left of the page, which will on its turn open a dropdown menu. From there, select "Edgeware (Edgeware Mainnet, hosted by Commonwealth Labs)". Once that is done, click "Save and Load" which will reload the page.


2nd - Now it's time to install the "Polkadot-js extension" in your browser. If you are running this on Firefox the page will give you a link to download the extension directly from Mozilla, whereas if you're doing this on Chrome, the same will happen but you will be redirected to download it from Google. Once you have downloaded it, do allow any permissions the extension asks you to so you can proceed.


Step #4

Now, refresh the page which should prompt your newly installed extension to require authentication. This means that a new window will pop-up and you will have to first have to "acknowledge" the terms for using the extension and right after, the screen will change prompting you to authorize the extension to be used/read by the website.


Step #5


 At this point, we will click "+ Add Account" and start creating a new account.


Once you do that, a new frame will appear, asking you to put down a "Name" and a "Password" for your new account. Note that it also holds a mnemonic seed, which is in fact how you recover your wallet if you lose it by any accident So, you'd want to keep that seed as private as possible and do not disclose that to anyone since it would compromise your wallet's security. As soon as you write down your mnemonic seed and insert a secure password and relevant name, do press "+ Save"


After that, you will be prompted to download a backup file of your wallet, which will make things easier to restore it later if needed. So, just click "+ Create and backup account".

Step #6


Now, all you have to do is click the small multi-colored icon, as demonstrated by the image above and it will automatically copy your EDG address to the clipboard. Once you do that, try and paste your address somewhere else and check if it has been copied properly. The result should be something similar to:


Step #7

Congratulations, now you have your very own Polkadot/Substrate/Edgeware wallet address.

From now on, we will just utilize the Swap Tool as usual, for more information feel free to check this tutorial on how to use that:

With that ready, you can now start your swap from xEDG into actual EDG, which is available via the Swap Tool at


Once you are at the address, you can go ahead and click "SWAP NOW" to get things going.

Step #8


On the next screen you will be required to fill the form with the following info:

  1. Your EDG address (the one you just got from the steps above)
  2. Your xEDG return address (this could be your xEDG deposit address on xFutures)
  3. Your e-mail
  4. Your telegram handle
  5. Mark the box stating that you "Agree to the Terms" if you do.

Then all you have to do is click "NEXT" to proceed.

Step #9


The Swap Tool will now display the xEDG deposit address in order to start the swap for actual EDG. Meaning, you will have to copy the xEDG address displayed and withdrawal your xEDG from xFutures' platform to that. Once it has been processed by the exchange, and had a number of confirmations, the Swap Tool will automatically send you the actual EDG tokens to the provided address.

Now all you have to do is wait until we send the EDG your way.

If you need more assistance regarding how to withdrawal from your xFutures wallet into the Swap Tool address in order to get EDG tokens, please consult the following link:

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