Kadena Wallet & How to get a KDA Kadena address


In order to receive Kadena (KDA) tokens you will need to install Chainweaver, the official software wallet for the Kadena public blockchain, add an Account, and get your Kadena (KDA) Address.

  Please note

Your Kadena (KDA) Address to which you're going to receive your swapped native Kadena (KDA) token is not from xFutures.io exchange.

Installing the Chainweaver wallet

  1. Navigate to the official web page https://www.kadena.io/chainweaver and Download Chainweaver Beta for Mac.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and drag the Chainweaver icon into your Applications folder. 1.png

Create a new wallet

  1. From the Applications folder, open Chainweaver to create a new wallet. 2.png
  2. Create a strong, secret, and unique password, enter it in the field, and click "Continue". 3.png
  3. Next, you must acknowledge that you are solely responsible for securing your recovery phrase. 4.png
  4. Write down your 12-word recovery phrase or click "Copy" and save your recovery phrase somewhere safely. 5.png
  5. Verify that you have correctly recorded your recovery phrase. 6.png
  6. Once completed, you will see a Wallet Created success screen. 7.png

Add an account

  1. Unlock your Chainweaver Wallet by entering the password. 8.png
  2. Click "Add Account" from the toolbar in the Wallet section. 9.png
  3. Make sure you've selected 0 (Zero) from the Chain ID dropdown. 10a.png
  4. Click "Add New Account". 10b.png
  5. You will see an All Set! success screen. Click "Done". 11.png

Get your Kadena (KDA) Address

  1. To access your Kadena (KDA) Address, click the "Receive" button beside your newly created account. 12.png
  2. This will open the Receive dialog from which you can copy the Kadena Address. 13.png
  3. Now you can paste your Kadena (KDA) Address into the Swap tool.


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