How to check balance of mainnet accounts on Kadena blockchain


Before checking your balance, please pay attention to how to properly get your Account Name in Chainweaver, the official software wallet for the Kadena public blockchain. If you haven't already, please see our tutorial on how to install and use the wallet.

  1. In the Wallet section, begin by clicking the triple-dot Details button in the desired account row. a1.png
  2. This will open the Account Details dialog from which you can copy the Account Name. a2.png

  Please note

Your Account Name is different from your Kadena Address. The concept behind the Kadena Address is a concatenation of your Account Name + Chain ID + Checksum.



You can check your balance by following this link:

What you need to do next is:

  1. Leave Target Chainweb Server by default.


  2. Enter your Account Name.


  3. Click Check Ballance button.
  4. The Total Balance across all the chains will show up.


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