How to Swap xHBAR for Official HBAR on xFutures


Moving forward from the successful launch of xHBAR & explosive trading activity on xFuture from the xHBAR/BTC pair, we will now demonstrate how it is possible for customers to swap their xHBAR for actual HBAR taking advantage of our partnership with OKEx.


Differently from other Launcher Events and Listings, when we used the Swap Tool to exchange the placeholder xToken for the official one, this time we will be doing so via a trading pair - xHBAR/HBAR - provided exclusively for this end by our partners at OKEx.

How to Swap xHBAR for HBAR on xFutures

Let's now go ahead with the required steps to swap xHBAR for HBAR.

Step #1

While logged in your xFutures account, go to

Step #2

Right there, you will be able to see an order book with a massive "Buy Limit Order" for xHBARs. To exchange your xHBARs for HBAR, please do the following:

  1. Click on "Sell XHBAR"
  2. Leave "Order Type" as "Limit Order". Set the "Price" as "1"
  3. Put all the xHBAR amount you have right there on the "Amount (XHBAR)" field
  4. Click "Sell XHBAR" on the bottom


Now you have actual HBARs on your xFutures account. Since OKEx will be enabling withdrawals later on, your choices are limited by two options: Hodl or Trade HBARs directly on OKEx for BTC or USDT.

Remember that due to our partnership with OKEx, you are able to login there with your xFutures' credentials and vice-versa. So, you can just login there before proceeding with this tutorial if your intent is to move your HBAR to their platform.

Step #3 - Internal Funds Transfer to OKEx

In order to trade on OKEx, you will want to use the exclusive Internal Funds Transfer, which is available only to OKNodes partner exchanges in the OKEx ecosystem. In order to execute this kind of transfer from xFutures to OKEx, follow the steps described HERE. But, in order to do so properly, follow the instructions there, and choose "OKEx" in the menu, as demonstrated below:


This specific Internal Transfer of HBAR from xFutures to OKEx will be enabled at 10 am HKT on September 17th. 

Step #4 Login to OKEx & Trade for BTC or USDT (optional)

Login to OKEx using your same credentials & login info that you use when logging into 
Once you have your HBARs on OKEx, if you want to trade, simply move it from the Funding Account into the Spot Account and go to the desired trading pair, which could be HBAR/BTC or HBAR/USDT.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us via Telegram or via our support desk  by clicking here.

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