Akropolis xAKRO Swap - No Vesting for xFutures' Customers



We are pleased to inform all xFutures' customers that participated in the Akropolis xAKRO event that we will distribute ALL the tokens early to our customers rather than distributing over 12 months and that we will allow that all xAKRO is swappable for AKRO as soon as we are able to via the Swap Tool.

"We will NOT enforce the vesting schedule upon our customers..."

Back in July, around the 15th, we held a sale for vested and locked AKRO using the placeholder future Akropolis Token xAKRO. The event was our very first Launcher Event selling out in only 15 minutes.

At that time, we had published that the Akropolis' team's 12 month vesting schedule was to be followed by those that purchased xAKRO as well. We decided to reward early participants with the full allocation for this asset.

This means that once we open the Swap Tool to swap xAKRO for AKRO, those that hold the future token will be able to swap their entire xAKRO amount for actual AKRO tokens at once, without having to wait 12 months.

Keep an eye out on our Telegram and Twitter for when we get the Swap Tool online for AKRO swaps!

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