How to Stake


Signup to xFutures Exchange

Read more about the staking program details and find out how you can maximize your distribution. 

Signup to xFutures Exchange! If you have been provided with a referral link by someone, be sure to click that link and signup that way - this will ensure you receive any bonuses you may be eligible for. 

If you were not given a referral link and you do not have an account in yet, follow this tutorial: Register on or
if you already have an account with OKEx, you can use that to sign into


Deposit ETH in xFutures exchange

1. Log in your account, then hover your mouse in your account at the upper right of the page then click Deposit.



2. Choose ETH from the dropdown menu.

3. The deposit address of ETH will show up.



4. You can also scan the QR code to deposit ETH.

You can now copy your deposit address and send ETH to the xFutures ETH deposit address.

Send ETH from your wallet or where ever you hold your ETH.

5. Complete this form here:

6. Copy and paste your ETH deposit address from and paste it into the form 

7. Important Reminder: You must use the same email address in the form as you use to login with xFutures exchange.


Nice job! Remember that you can also fund your xFutures account using the Internal Funds Feature!

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