How to Participate in an IEO


Get ready to join the exciting world of IEOs with In this tutorial we will teach you how to acquire our exclusive x[Token]s (i.e. xDOT, xATOM).

In order to do that, you must have the following requirements setup prior of purchasing into our IEOs:

  • You MUST have your 2FA setup, for more info click here
  • You MUST have your Fund Password setup, for more info click here
  • You MUST have submitted at least KYC1 data in the Account Verification section , for more info click here.

Let's now understand the object of these IEOs, the x[Token]s.

Understanding the x[Token]s

Here on we provide liquidity for unreleased tokens, meaning, assets still locked in their main chains or native protocol are available for purchase in the form of's x[Token]s.

The x[Token] of a particular asset is the representation of such, and those will be available to swap later on via our Swap Tool. These x[Token]s are decentralized and released in the Ethereum Mainnet by our tech team and, when the time comes, those who buy them will be able to swap those for the official ones in a 1:1 ratio.

Now that you understand that a x[Token] is an asset that represents another, proceed with our guide, starting by transferring the assets you will exchange for the coming x[Token]'s IEO.

Transferring your assets to your "Trading Account (Spot Account)"

Once you have deposited assets from your account, you need to transfer your funds from your funding account to your trading account. If you haven't deposited assets into your account click this tutorial.


1. Click My Assets from your account dropdown menu.



2. Once you are in the My Assets page you can see that you have 0 in your trading account.

To transfer your assets, click Transfer.



3. Your goal is to transfer from your assets from your Funding Account to your Trading Account (Spot Account)

A. Select your asset from the dropdown menu.

B. Enter the amount of asset that you want to transfer.

C. You can also choose to transfer all your assets to your trading account.

D. Click Confirm to transfer.



4. After you have transferred your assets, you will now have your assets ready for trading

Participating in IEO

There will be a webinar during the IEO and the presenter will reveal the time of launch and will give you the link to participate.

For this guide purposes, we will be demonstrating the purchase of xDOT tokens.


1. When the presenter of the webinar gives you the link to purchase the x[Token] and when you click it, you will be brought to this screen.

You will be put in line to purchase the token. You will wait for your turn to purchase.



2. Once it's your turn to purchase the token, you will be brought to this page.

A. Make sure that you are on the x[Token]/BTC, in this case XDOT/BTC.

B. Click the Order book price.

C. Enter the amount of x[Token] that you want to buy.

D. Click Buy x[Token].



3. You will be prompted to enter your trading password. Please be reminded that your trading password is different from your account password.

After you have entered your trading password, click submit.



4. You will know that you have successfully purchased, you will see it in your asset as shown above the screenshot.

Important Note: All orders are “Immediate or CANCEL” and will not persist in the order book.

Now you know how to successfully buy x[Token]s from xFutures' IEOs. Afterwards, these currently locked x[Token]s can be traded in a 1:1 ratio for the official assets using our exclusive feature, the Swap Tool. Learn how it works clicking here!

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