Doing an Internal Funds Transfer between OKex Partners


One of the most useful features presented by the OKex ecosystem - which is a part of - is the "Internal Funds Transfer". This mechanism allows users from any platforms within this network, including OKex's users to enjoy zero fee transfers whenever sending funds from one member exchange to another.

Please note that same rules from regular withdrawals apply here, so make sure you have already setup all the requirements listed below:

  1. You MUST have your 2FA setup, for more info click here
  2. You MUST have your Fund Password setup, for more info click here
  3. You MUST have submitted at least KYC1 data in the Account Verification section , for more info click here.

Internal Funds transfer from OKEx account to your xFutures account

For this tutorial, the example that we'll be doing is an Internal Fund Transfer from OKex to xFutures.

1. Login to your OKEx account then hover your mouse in your Account and select Withdraw.


2. In the OKEX Token Withdraw page click on the Internal Funds Transfer.

3. Select the token/ asset that you want to transfer from the dropdown menu.

4. Now, choose xFutures from the dropdown menu as this is the destiny of our funds in this tutorial.

5. Click on the Address Book to add your xFutures account.


6. Click Add now to add your xFutures account.


7. Click Add internal funds transfer address

8. Choose xFutures from the dropdown menu.

9. Enter your Account ID in your xFutures account. The Account ID is the email address that you use in your xFutures account.

10. You can add a note in your Address book.

11. Enter the 2FA code from your google authenticator

12. If you want, you can check this check box to set it as a trusted address.

13. Click Confirm to finish registering your xFutures address.


14. After registering your xFutures account, click select to choose the account that you've just added.


15. Enter the amount that you want to transfer.

16. Click Submit.


17. Enter your Fund Password

18. Click Get code to send a security code in your email.


19. Once you receive an email from OKEx, Copy the code.


20. Paste the code from the OKEx email.

21. Enter the 2FA code from your Google Authenticator

22. Click Confirm Withdrawal to finalize the transfer of your assets from OKEx to xFutures.


Once you have completed the transfer to your xFutures account, it will show on the withdrawal record in your OKEx account withdrawal page.


If you check in your xFutures account, it will show as an Inner transfer - success in your xFutures deposit page.

Well done! Now, whenever you wish to send funds directly from OKex to or from another member of the OKex ecosystem to another, you already know how.

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