Setting up Your Fund Password


This tutorial will teach you how to setup your fund password for withdrawal purposes.

To protect your funds even more, our platform ONLY allows withdrawals if you setup a new password, a Fund Password. This specific key will be asked every time a withdrawal is attempt in your account, thus increasing the safety of your funds. Follow the tutorial ahead in order to setup your Fund Password.

Warning! Before setting up your fund password, you must have your 2FA already configured. If you haven't set it up yet, click here.



First of all, go into your account and click on the top right corner, where your e-mail is displayed and select "Security" - optionally, you can just click this link. Once the page loads, click "Settings", which is located right after "Fund Password". 



In the next screen, you will enter the following data:

1. Enter your Fund Password.

2. Enter your Fund Password again to confirm. 

3. Enter the Google Code from your Google Authenticator.

4. Click Confirm to save your Fund Password.

With that done, now you are able to enjoy an enhanced security process for all your withdrawals. What about trying to trade on xFutures next? If you don't know how to do it, no worries. Follow this tutorial and become a PRO right away! :)

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