How to Use the Swap Tool


One of the most powerful tools provided to you by is the Swap Tool. This exclusive feature will allow you to exchange, swap, future tokens - xTokens - bought via our platform into the official ones, as soon as they are released in a seamless and easy fashion.

Understanding the xTokens

Here on we provide liquidity for unreleased tokens, meaning, assets still locked in their main chains or native protocol are available for purchase in the form of's xTokens.

The xToken of a particular asset is the representation of such, and those will be available to swap later on via our Swap Tool. These xTokens are decentralized and released in the Ethereum Mainnet by our tech team and, when the time comes, those who buy them will be able to swap those for the official ones in a 1:1 ratio.

Now that you understand that a xToken is an asset that represents another, we can continue with the Swap Tool tutorial.

Word of Advice

Reminder:  If you have not setup your Fund Password (for withdraw purposes) - do so now before proceeding with the Swap.

Also note that each xToken is unique and users will only be able to use the Swap Tool to obtain the official asset it represents once its project, developers and such perform their Token Generation Event, in fact distributing the official asset. Only, and only, after this event will be able to swap the xToken for the Official one. Further details are included in each assets Token Listing Announcement.

Using the xFutures swap tool

1. Go to


2. Select the token that you want to send from the dropdown menu.

3. Select the token that you want to get from the dropdown menu.

4. Click SWAP NOW to proceed with the swap.

For this tutorial purposes we will be demonstrating the Swap between the xToken xOCEAN and its official asset, OCEAN.

5. Enter Your Token Address, where you wish to receive the official asset. Below are some instructions on understanding what address you must have for different assets.

6. Enter Your xToken refund address. In the event if there is any technical issue with the Swap, we will use this address to refund your funds.

7. Enter your email for notifications related to the Swap. This should be the same email address you use to login to exchange.

8. Click the checkbox to agree to the terms.

9. Click "Next" to finalize the swap.


Once you click "Next", the tool will show the screen below, informing that you need to check your e-mail.

10. On your mailbox, you will receive an email regarding your verification. You must click the Verify Email button in the email to verify or you can copy the URL below the button and paste it in your browser. Be sure to check your spam. The email will come from ""

11. Once you have verified the link in your email, you will be brought to the verified page. Click NEXT.


You will be brought to this new page with the steps of the process to your swap. Please be sure to follow the instructions on that page closely.

Where you will copy the withdraw address of the xToken then Paste it in your xFutures withdraw page.


In the Withdrawal page,

12. Search and choose the xToken that you will swap.

13. Paste the deposit address that you just got in the swap tool.

14. Enter the amount that you are going to swap.

15. Click Submit to send the xToken deposit to the swap tool.


In this step, your swap has been Deposited.

16. You can bookmark this page for your swap reference.


17. In this step, your swap is being exchanged.  Your selected asset will be sent to the address you had previously provided.


18. In this final step, your swap has been successful.

Congratulations, you have successfully used the xFutures' Swap Tool.

One great way of acquiring Future Tokens - xTokens - is participating in one of's IEO. Follow this link to know more about how you can do it!

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