Getting a Refund Address for any x[Token]


A really exciting, and exclusive feature from is the Swap Tool. Through the link you are able to exchange x[Token]s - future tokens bought via our platform - for the official ones they represent as soon as they have been released.  In most cases this refund address is only a precaution in case there is any issue during the swap.   

But, in order to do it safely, the Swap Tool requires a "Refund Address", which you can obtain directly from your Exchange account. Let's proceed now and see how easy it is to obtain this address.

Note: If you haven't yet, it is highly recommended that you check our complete tutorial on How to use the Swap Tool

How to Get your Refund Address for a x[Token]

1. Log in your account, then hover your mouse in your account at the upper right of the page then click Deposit or go directly to this link: Deposit Page.



2. Search for the name of your x[TokenName] from the dropdown menu. For example, if your asset is xOcean, then choose xOCEAN from the dropdown menu.


3. The deposit address will show. Copy it and then paste it to the refund address in the swap tool.

Great work! Now you can proceed with the Swap safely.

One great way of acquiring Future Tokens - x[Token]s - is participating in one of's IEO. Follow this link to know more about how you can do it!

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