How to Withdraw


In order to start a Withdrawal process on there are certain conditions to be met first:

  1. You MUST have your 2FA setup, for more info click here
  2. You MUST have your Fund Password setup, for more info click here
  3. You MUST have submitted at least KYC1 data in the Account Verification section , for more info click here.

If you have done all the steps described above, let's proceed with your first withdrawal from

Attention! The volume available for withdrawal is different depending on your account's current KYC verification level.

  • KYC1 - Limited to a maximum of 0.5 BTC worth of assets in a period of 24 hours,

  • KYC2 - Limited to a maximum of 300 BTC worth of assets in a period of 24 hours.

If you need to increase your withdrawal limits, find out how to do so with this tutorial.

Token Withdrawal

1. Log in your account, hover your mouse in your account at the upper right of the page, then click Withdrawal.


2. Choose the Token you would like to withdraw from the dropdown menu. For this tutorial we will be selecting Ethereum (ETH) as the Token to be withdrawn.


3. Enter the address which you want to withdraw your assets to.

There are 2 options which you can choose your withdraw address:

  • a. You can enter your withdraw address manually or,
  • b. You can get your already saved address from your address book.

For the effects of this tutorial, we will be entering a brand new address into our address book.

4. Enter the amount of assets that you want to withdraw

5. Click Submit to proceed to the next step.


6. Enter your Fund Password.

7. Click Get code to send a security code in your email.


8. Once you receive an email from xFutures containing your verification code, Copy it.


9. Paste the code from the xFutures email.

10. Enter the 2FA code from your Google Authenticator

11. Click Confirm Withdrawal to finalize the withdrawal of your asset.


GREAT WORK! Now you only need to keep an eye out for when our system sends out the requested withdrawal.

You might have noticed that there's an option called "Internal Funds Transfer" right next to the "Withdrawal". This is a special feature that allows you to transfer funds from several platforms that co-exist into the OKex ecosystem. Find out about how you can use it clicking here!

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