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One of the most exciting features of an exchange itself is the opportunity to trade. And here on it's not different! Follow the tutorial below and understand how you can do it in minor details.

Attention! In order to begin trading you will need to deposit some Tokens/Assets to platform. This can be achieved by one of two ways:

Once your funds deposit or transfer has been confirmed, let's proceed on how to trade.

Trading on

Before you can start trading your assets, you need to transfer your assets to your trading account

There are 2 accounts in your exchange:

Capital Account is your main account, where you get your deposits.

Spot Account is your trading account, where you can trade your assets in the exchange.


1. Click Exchange in xFuturesthen click Transfer to transfer your assets from the Capital Account to your Spot Account.

Now, a pop-up like the one depict in the image above will appear.

2. In this pop-up, select the Asset/Token that you want to transfer from your Capital Account to your Spot Account for trading. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be transferring ETH from our capital account to our spot account.

3. At this point, make sure that you are sending From your Capital Account to the Spot Account, which will allow you to trade your assets in the Spot Account against other Tokens/Assets.

If you want to transfer assets from your Spot Account to your Capital Account, e.g. for withdrawals, then do the reverse.

4. Enter the amount of your assets that you want to transfer.

5. Click Confirm to finalize the transfer.

Buying or Selling your Tokens

Once you have transferred your Tokens/Assets into the Spot Account, now you are able to Buy or Sell such tokens on

6. On the Exchange page, you can choose your trading token on the left side column.

7. You can either click Buy/Sell side.

8. Fill out the price, amount you would trade on.

9. Click Buy/Sell Token to proceed with trading.


10. Enter your trading password to continue. Take note that your trading password is different from your account password.

11. Click Submit to finalize your trade.


After finalizing your trade, you can view your trade order details at the bottom of the exchange page.

If you change your mind, you can also cancel your orders under the operation tab.

Perfect! Now you understand how to trade on like a PRO! Let's now make it official and learn how to perform withdrawals. Make it so clicking here :)

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