Head of APAC Korea


xFutures is a crypto exchange focusing on bringing innovative crypto assets to the market such as future tokens. It is launching to English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Russian speaking markets and currently looking to hire a fluent Korean speaker to assist in Asia Region APAC presence & operations.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. YouTube Videos
    • Report: Study the market to effectively turn these daily updates into content that will result in a following and turn you into an influencer (example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNCb0xgaRAw )
    • Daily market update like the English one but in local language
    • Coverage of important events such as Binance IEOs, certain ICO reviews and other very important events
  2. Weekly Webinars
    • Do same webinar as we do but in language (Korean or Mandarin)
  3. Translations
    • Zendesk support help desk & Medium Articles
    • Presentations
  4. Telegram (and /or  WeChat, Kakao)
    • Manage the group 
  5. Twitter
    • Translate all announcements & distribute
  6. Events
    • Interview target people (Example: 
  7. Company Relationships
    • Identify all top companies in the region
    • Reach out, do a call and take extensive notes on contact in Google Doc
  8. Influencer Relationships
    • Create an analysis of the local market including what works and what doesn’t and how to target it
    • Identify top influencers in the region
    • Reach out & present staking program & get them to stake
    • Keep in contact to continue driving audience to exchange
    • Network in local social media groups promoting the project. 
    • Additional networking which means lots of research, calls, emails, skype calls, striking deals, intros. 


  • Excited about crypto.
  • Interest in ICOs and cryptocurrencies.
  • Owns Ethereum and ERC20 Tokens and / or Bitcoin.
  • Knowledge of the Asian market.
  • Able to connect with partners, influencers and key people across the region.
  • Is a part of these local social media groups discussing trading.
  • Familiarity with sites such as https://coinpan.com/  , https://www.blockchainhub.kr


We offer

  • Competitive base salary.
  • Bonus options available in crypto assets.
  • Travel to events and conferences (if desired).
  • An opportunity to be part of the financial revolution.

Please apply by submitting your resume here https://support.xfutures.io/hc/en-us/requests/new

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