About xFutures.io


xFutures, formed in partnership with OKEx through the OK Node Program, is a boutique exchange focusing on Future Tokens and innovative tokenized assets.

Future Tokens, also commonly known as IOU's, are tokens that are expected to be created but have not yet been distributed by a project. Pre-issuance, xFutures users can buy a "future" of one of these tokens on the exchange.

As soon as the project releases the respective tokens, users can then swap their xTOKENs for mainnet tokens.

Other assets xFutures will explore trading include locked tokens and other exotic token assets that are currently not possible to trade anywhere within the crypto ecosystem. xFutures also frequently conducts IEO events when launching new Future Tokens.

The xFutures team is composed of top tier industry professionals with backgrounds in investment banking, rocket science engineering and computer science research. 

Please contact xFutures with any question at support@xfutures.zendesk.com - feedback is always welcome!



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