Referral Rules & How to get your Referral Link

  1. Any User that want to enter into the Referral Program of xFutures Limited will find a “Rebate details” column under his “Account” category.

  2. The user’s invitee must have a transaction volume in xFutures Limited greater than or equal to 10 USDT

  3. The reward is set to be 50%

  4. The reward will be paid in USDT

  5. Duration of the reward is 12 months starting from the new introduced user’s registration date. (i.e. If your new User A (your invitee) registered on June 1, you can get the reward until June 1 the next year.

  6. Rewards will be settled weekly

  7. If the referred user settled the trading fees with digital assets you will earn USDT as a reward settled weekly

  8. There is no reward limit and minimum payout must be $500 at one time.  


Procedure to get your Referral link: 

Make sure you are logged into Exchange and if you don't have an account, create one now (or login via your existing OKEx account). 
1. Go on your account (while logged into exchange)  to "Rebate Details"
2. Click on "Activate Invitation Rebate"
3. Copy your invitation link under "My invitation link" by clicking the blue [Copy] button. 2019-01-18_18.17.40.jpg
4. Send your invitation link to your invitee (s)
5. Get the referral transaction bonus from your invitee (s) trading activities to your account.  You can check that same screen to see reporting regarding your invitation history, and rebate history, and rebate statistics reporting.  Note: This is not updated in real time and instead data is collected weekly and updated every Monday, so wait and check this screen each Monday.  
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